As an experienced speaker, trainer, and adult educator Donna Pace of My Personal Brand provides engaging, fun and thought provoking personal brand and image related training and seminar sessions. These sessions are flexible in their delivery and content. Please contact My Personal Brand for more informations and speaking rates.
"I was fascinated by Donna's presentation on Bringing Colour into Your Life. The information she shared was extensive and very relevant to the group. Donna demonstrated she is an expert in this field by using the crowd for her examples and answering questions with immediate, confident responses. Most impressed."
Neville Smith
Senior Consultant at RTO Solutions
"Thank you Donna for a very insightful and useful presentation on personal branding and image. It really made me think about what I can do to ensure that I create a professional image and I really enjoyed your personable and engaging presentation style."
Korrinne Jones
Director and Principal Consultant at OD Consulting
"Donna knows how to capture an audience and keep them engaged! I was delighted to work with Donna in bringing a half-day seminar to an audience of over 120 people. Donna's expertise blended with her fun, authentic and engaging style made for a successful event. Thank you, Donna"
Sally Foley-Lewis, MBA FILP
Fast Track Manager Productivity : Speaker & MC | Trainer | Coach | Author


  • Organise your content based on your speaking goals (inform, persuade etc.) 
  • Control nervousness and project confidence, power and credibility

  • Grab the audience’s attention from the start...and keep it

  • Use voice, word choice and body language to your best advantage
  • Handle visual aids like a pro to maximise retention and impact

  • Conduct Q & A sessions with tough audiences

  • Come across impressively in impromptu situations when answering questions or giving opinions
"My team and myself underwent your Speech training course. I had 10 people start and complete your 6 week course. The course was very good as I found there was varying levels of public speaking abilities within the group. Your course was tailored very well for these differences in ability. The  team was made up of Management, sales people and technical support. It has now been several months since we completed the course and the difference in the teams presentation skills is considerable. I would strongly recommend your course to anyone who requires presenting to customers, staff or whoever. Having better ability to deliver your message has proved to be invaluable to us."
S. Pascoe
Branch Manager, Locksmith Supply Company
"I was in Japan last week, in fact amongst other things I was required to do a series of one hour business presentations for groups of around forty people as well as answer a series of questions. I wanted to say the speech training was very timely and the presentations would be amongst the best I’d done. So I’d like to pass on my appreciation to yourself and Eric. I was certainly more conscious of matters of style and presence”.
1000. M.Rusbatch 
CEO, Minit Australia Pty Ltd


This fun and interactive workshop helps participants alleviate the pain of shopping and not knowing what to buy. It helps give you the confidence you need to look and feel great in your clothes everyday. By understanding and applying the fundamental elements of your personalised colour analysis you will you soon begin to save money by making better purchasing decisions, appear younger healthier and more vibrant by enhancing your natural skin tones and feel more confident as a result, and begin creating a mix-and-match wardrobe that will carry you from your office to the dance floor.  Best of all, when you organise a group of 5 people, we bring this workshop to you. My Personal Brand Group Colour Sessions provides you with:
  • Insider tips as to why some colours look great on you, and why others don't 
  • A personal colour swatch containing up to 50 of your best colours - great for shopping!
  • An understanding of how to communicate with colour physically and psychologically

  • Tips and trick for mixing-and-matching patterns and accessories
  • The secrets to looking great with makeup colours that will help bring out your natural beauty
  • An understanding of how you can use colour to come across confidently in a range of social and professional situations
  • Ideas as to how colour can be used to enhance your personal brand
"Donna has a unique knack for lifting your confidence and your personal image. I sought Donna's advice regarding enhancing my professional image and was astounded by her knowledge and easy-to-adopt advice. She has saved me LOTS of money because I now no longer buy clothes just because I like the look of them (and then never wear them because they just don't suit me), I look for specific items, in specific styles and colours, and know what to look for to pair with them. My confidence (and my purse) are in much better shape since consulting Donna, and my new understanding of how to match clothing pieces has resulted in me being less frustrated when I go to my wardrobe. With her relaxed, confident and friendly personality, I cannot recommend Donna's services highly enough!"
Tracy Elphinstone
Owner, Elf Editing
"My wardrobe has only ever had black and white and that since my consultation with Donna, I've learned how to include colours that suit my complexion, and styles that suit my body and personality. Now I just have to go shopping!"
Linda Gotvik-Dobson