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TAKE OUR QUIZ: Where are you on your personal brand success journey?
Answer the following questions and make a note of how many times you answer ‘yes’.
  1. Can you state your five most relevant and compelling brand attributes (adjectives that describe your unique promise of value — what separates you from your peers or competitors)?
  2. Do you know what others think of you? (How they would describe you? What they would say are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?)
  3. Have you identified your vision for the world and your purpose? Your personal role in supporting that vision?
  4. Can you state your top five values and passions?
  5. Have you documented your short- and long-term goals and do you read them regularly?
  6. Can you clearly describe your target audience (those people who need to know about you so that you can achieve your professional goals)?
  7. Do you have a brand communications plan for the year that lists your communications tools and plans for expressing your brand?
  8. Do you have a brand identity system (letterhead, business cards, thank you notes, brochures, resume/CV — those items appropriate for you) that clearly communicates your brand?
  9. Have you published or e-published an article in the past three months?
  10. Have you spoken publicly either within your organisation or to a professional group within the past three months?
  11. Do you communicate regularly with members of your professional network (by e-mail, by telephone, at gatherings)?
  12. Do you belong to and take a leadership role in a professional or volunteer organization?
  13. Do you mark every project in which you participate with your personal brand?
  14. Is your personal style (image, appearance, wardrobe, business accessories) consistent with your personal brand and appropriate for your target audience?
How many times did you answer Yes?
12 or more – Well done, you are obviously well on the way on your Personal Branding Success Journey. The trick now is to maintain and stay true to it. The My Personal Brand eNews delivers fortnightly tips on staying ‘on brand’ and achieving the best leverage out of the great work you have done. Think you can take it further? Try My Personal Brand’s Create and Be Your Brand services.
7-11 – The good news is you’ve uncovered opportunities to strengthen your personal brand. Choose one or two areas that you think could make the biggest difference in your personal brand, and create a plan to action change. Try our Impact & Influence or Presentation Skills online training. Or choose our 1:1 Personal Brand Accelerator program. 
0-6 – Your Personal Brand Success Journey is in its infancy. Your brand could use some focused effort and you are missing an opportunity to stand out among your peers and achieve your business or professional goals. If you’re ready to make a change, book in for our 1:1 Personal Brand Accelerator. If you’re more hesitant about the process, start with an easy Personalised Colour Analyis + Toolkit. Upload a photo of yourself, we review and tell you the best colours to wear for your skin tone, and send you a sample swatch of colour materials so you know what to look for the next time you shop.

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