Personal Brand Accelerator

Our Personal Brand Accelerator program helps you build a clear personal brand that attracts results.

Step One: Discover your personal brand

Your personal brand has to be aligned with who you are and what you believe. With a strong personal brand you can maximise your strengths, values and authenticity. During this discovery phase, we help you clarify your personal values and purpose so your personal brand develops to support you.

Step Two: Create and style your personal brand

How your personal brand is perceived is critical to your success.  During step two of the program, we look at ways to bring life to your brand through your physical presentation. 
You’ll learn:
  • How colour plays a role in developing your brand, 
  • What colours actually suit you, as well as the styles of clothing that work for your body shape, 
  • How to use all this in developing and enhancing your personal brand. 
We work with you:
  • To refresh your personal brand by cleaning out of the wardrobe items that no longer serve you. 
  • Showing you new ways to bring life to old clothes.
  • Help fill any clothing gaps on a supportive, shopping adventure. 
Combined it means when you go to meetings or networking events, your physical appearance gives a great first impression of your personal brand.

Step Three - Be your personal brand

First impressions take you so far. But now you understand your personal brand, you have to communicate it clearly. 
To successfully BE your personal brand you need to know what to say, when to say it, and how to say it. We work with you on a killer pitch that expresses your personal brand every time your talk about yourself or your business. Then we come to a public event with you, watch you – and your new personal brand in action – and give you support and feedback to ensure your personal brand works for you.
See what some of our clients have to say:
“Donna’s ‘Personal Brand Accelerator’ gave me the direction and insight to be able to determine what my branding is, what it is I stand for and also helping me to gain trust and confidence from current and potential clients, current and future employers, friends and family.”
Nathan Rigney, Accountant, Fincare Accounting.
“Personal Brand Accelerator’ provides much more than simply better dress sense and apparel that suits your personality. By working with me at a much deeper level, Donna has helped me not only find a style that really works for me clothes-wise, she has done wonders on my actual delivery, the presentation of my business and my pitch. I can directly attribute new clients to Donna's transformation of my presentation style. I would highly recommend her coaching expertise in presenting, finding your authentic style and in delivering powerful presentations.” 
Sonia King – Owner, King Consulting
“The experience I had with Donna from My Personal Brand has changed my perception of stylists for life. I had imagined that the service of a stylist was only for the rich and famous, or for those people who already looked like a model. After experiencing Donna’s comprehensive and informative service I now feel empowered to make choices based on my individual requirements - and as a unique individual there is no pressure to fit as certain mold. Instead, I now have the ability to make choices that embrace my personality and the shapes, colours and traits that define me.”
Emma Bezzina, Second Nature MakeUp Design