One-on-One Consultations

We offer a range of elite brand building packages, these include:
  • Personal Brand Accelerator
  • Personal Brand Deluxe package (Colour, Style, Wardrobe & Shopping)
  • Personal Style Premium package (Colour, Style & Wardrobe)
  • Personal Style Start-up package (Colour & Style)
"As we were updating our branding I thought it was time I looked at the impression & statement I was making with my appearance. 
Donna assisted me to find a suitable style that reflected our brand and my position as CEO. I feel confident with the look and it was actually fun. I have recommended Donna to many others with the same result." 
Vicki Stephens
CEO, On Track Injury Consulting 
"I have utilised Donna's services to help build and improve my own personal brand. Donna always gives outstanding personal service. She is very knowledgeable in all areas of personal image and branding. I can highly recommend her service."
Joel Curtis
Owner, Principal Psychologist, Life Resolutions Miranda/Blacktown
In addition to the above we offer a range of comprehensive one-on-one and online introductory personal brand enhancement services. These include: