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Upload a photo of yourself, we review and tell you the best colours to wear for your skin tone, and send you a sample swatch of colour materials so you know what to look for the next time you shop.

To upload a photo of yourself and find out what colours suit you, click here. 

“My Personal Brand was professional and thorough analysing my colours and style. I now am able to make much better choices of clothing and accessories for all occasions. The Personalised Analysis + Toolkit gave me a good understanding of style, fabric and patterns and how colours complement one another. There will be no more big mistakes and wasted dollars when I go shopping!”

Jan Vecchio, Accountant

“As a man this could have been a stressful session, yet I found Donna from My Personal Brand to be understanding and supportive. Her fun style of working with clients took the stress out of the program. I was able to understand the reasons why colour and style go together and how I was involved in the decision-making.”

Philip Bendeich, Owner, SCAX Consulting


This one-hour, online training teaches you how to deliver greater impact and influence – and have audiences interested in your services for all the right reasons. The course explains the psychology of colour and how it can support you in the message you are seeking to convey. It teaches participants the ‘Rule of 12’ – the first 12 inches (head to shoulders); the first 12 steps and the first 12 words – all of which, when utilised correctly, form favourable first impressions for maximum impact and influence.

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“Donna's training was not only fun, but highly professional and has helped me tailor my personal branding to be high impact professionally and flattering casually. Donna is extremely knowledgable and her expertise and passion flows through every touch point of her business. I highly recommend Donna for people wanting to make the best impression of themselves.”

Patch Nosavan – Owner, Patra Performance Coaching