< Back     HOW TO SHOP DURING A SALE 3/07/2014
Did you know that on average, Australian women buy 56 garments for themselves (men 29 garments) per year. Apparently if you're under 30 you can double those figures. The average spend is between $18.87 to $79.27. If we worked on say $50 thats quite a bit of money $2,800. Did you also know that most people only wear 20% of their clothing 80% of the time. We do this because we are buying items that simply don;t work for us in terms of colour, style or fit. Imagine then how much wasted money you have sitting in your wardrobe. 
Can you relate to this?
Regrettably, like moths to a flame, many of us are drawn to the allure of the sale rack which only increases our chances of purchasing clothes that really don’t work for our colouring, our personal style, our personality or our personal brand. 
My advice - Shop with caution during season sales
You can make better choices by keeping these three simple things in mind when buying a sale item:
  • Do you need it madly ? 
  • Does it fit you perfectly?
  • Do you love it madly?
If you have any doubt whatsoever, don't buy it! Wait for the right garment and you'll be well on your way to making fewer costly wardrobe mistakes on sale items.
If in doubt, call and ask about our personal shopping services.