About Us

I’m Donna Pace, founder of My Personal Brand.  
I’ve worked with worried business managers who feel inappropriately dressed for a meeting and don’t know what to wear to be taken seriously. 
I’ve helped petrified small business owners who stand dry-mouthed in front of networking or business audiences get clear on what to say so they are remembered.  
In fact, anyone who has walked into a meeting or networking event, looked around at all the polished, professional people and wondered,  “How could I ever stack up?”
At My Personal Brand we tie your personal branding, image and communication skills all together so when you show up, stand up, and speak out – you stand out. For all the right reasons. I call it “Your Personal Brand Success Journey”
At My Personal Brand we value authenticity, freedom, self-respect and style. We believe that everyone deserves to look and feel amazing every day, to brim with confidence and receive compliments on how healthy and vibrant they look.  
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